Our Story

We are Mario and Atanas - best friends and passionate entrepreneurs. However, our story is not a typical "I had pimples and skin problems and couldn't find a solution" story. It is a real, extraordinary journey that we have embarked on together. We have been close friends since our school days, but it was only when we studied together in Berlin that we realized our potential as an incredible team and our dream of starting our own company.

"We want you to feel not just like a customer, but like part of a special community that supports each other and works together towards better well-being."

- Mario & Atanas

It all started when we worked as sales representatives for a manufacturer of personalized hotel cosmetics. In our job, we were confronted for the first time directly with the devastating impact the cosmetics industry has on our planet.

A day that began as an ordinary working day would later turn out to be the biggest turning point in our lives so far. At a client meeting, the purchasing manager of an organic hotel chain opened our eyes. He told us about the questionable ingredients in conventional cosmetics, how harmful the small disposable packaging really is for the environment and how unnecessary personalization with environmentally harmful printing inks is. When we heard all this information, we felt deeply affected and had a guilty conscience. We knew then: We were on the completely wrong path.

So we made some important decisions: We will only want to offer cosmetics that we really believe in. We will create a brand that has real values ​​behind it. And our future natural cosmetics brand will be completely transparent and as sustainable as possible.

Because we didn't know much about natural cosmetics, we started to research intensively. We read everything we could get our hands on on the subject and consulted with experienced skincare chemists and dermatologists. We were amazed at the limited public attention paid to the issue of the effects of conventional cosmetic products on people, nature and animals. We were certain: We want to solve this major problem!

"We were shocked when we discovered the reality behind conventional cosmetics. We were still young and suddenly realized that we were moving in the wrong direction."

- Mario & Atanas

The Turning Point

When we realized the impact the cosmetics industry was having on our planet, the first thing we did was change our own lives: we stopped selling hotel cosmetics. And we tried to use as few products as possible that that were packaged in plastic. But that wasn't enough for us. We also changed our diet, changed our way of thinking and developed a new business concept.

We spent a long time looking for products and formulations that did not contain any harmful ingredients and that would have as little impact on the environment as possible. This is how the idea for our body and hair soaps was born. They were the first Meina products that were not only 100% natural, but also did not contain any plastic packaging. Our search ultimately led us to a manufacturer who would produce the products we wanted in the highest quality - and we continue to work together successfully to this day.

Natural. Effective. Transparent.

After three years of successfully selling our soaps and hair soaps and intensive study of cosmetic studies and numerous books on cosmetics, our passion for highly effective products was born. In collaboration with dermatologists, medical estheticians and skincare chemists, we develop tailor-made solutions that specifically address different skin problems and deliver visible results.

When we launched our facial serums , they quickly became our bestsellers. We invested over a year and a half of meticulous work to develop the perfect formulations and we were overwhelmed by the feedback from our valued customers.

Since 2020, our cosmetic products have been recognized as certified natural cosmetics, which underlines our commitment to natural and sustainable ingredients. Our daily motivation is to offer products of the highest quality through extensive testing and optimization and to make our customers' skin care routine a conscious and joyful experience.

Our Certifications

Certified natural cosmetics

Our natural cosmetics is certified according to the COSMOS standard by Ecocert Greenlife.

Certified by The Vegan Society

We do not use any animal ingredients. Our planet and our furry friends do not have to suffer for our beauty.
PETA approved - Global Animal Test Policy


We are proud that our products are PETA certified, which means they are not tested on animals.

Why do we do this?

We want to restore the balance between human beauty and environmental friendliness. Because we believe that nature has long provided a solution for every skin and hair problem. By combining tradition and modern science, we create natural products that are not only sustainable but also highly effective.

Our motivation is to enable people to make conscious choices and offer them the best natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics. We want to inspire people to rethink their beauty routine and choose products that are in harmony with nature and their own health.

How do we do this?

We believe that everyone has the right to have full transparency about the ingredients in the products they use and to make informed decisions.

To achieve this, we rely on transparency and education. We go beyond simply listing ingredients and provide our customers with detailed explanations about the origin and function of each ingredient on our packaging and website. By making this knowledge accessible to them, we enable them to make an informed decision about what they put on their skin and how it may impact their skin and the environment.

What we do is not rocket science

Together with recognized dermatologists, medical estheticians and skincare chemists, we develop natural skin and hair care products whose results you can see and feel every day. They contain natural ingredients and clinically tested active ingredients, have a completely transparent ingredient list and do not place unnecessary strain on the environment.

With us, you always get a product with a transparent INCI list that you can easily understand. Our cosmetics arrive in environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled paper, recycled plastic or high-quality, dark glass. Not only do we choose packaging and ingredients that do not harm the environment or wildlife, we also support sustainability projects.

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow

1% for the Planet
Collaboration with 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

We donate 1% of our revenue to environmental projects.
Cleanhub - Zusammen gegen Plastikmüll
Collaboration with Cleanhub

Together against plastic waste

By cooperating with Cleanhub, we collect plastic before it reaches our oceans.

What is the goal of our journey?

We want to inspire change. A change in the status quo, a change in purchasing behavior and a change in the beauty industry. A change for the better. We want to set new standards not only for ourselves, but also for other people. Because what would happen if we all finally became aware of what is really in our cosmetics? Every brand would be forced to change in order to meet the new standards of their customers.

Change begins in each of us. Only if we all move in the right direction - step by step, day by day, purchase by purchase - can we make a big difference in the world. Together we can create a better future. Be a part of our journey!


Bio Vitamin C Serum hochdosiert
Vitamin C Serum
23,99 € 799,67 € / l
Gives a healthy glowReduces wrinkles and smoothesProtects against environmental influences
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Niacinamide Serum mit Zink
Niacinamide Serum
23,99 € 799,67 € / l
Helps with skin blemishes and pimplesSmoothens the poresReduces wrinkles and smoothes
Sold Out
Bio Hyaluron Serum hochdosiert
Hyaluronic Acid Serum
23,99 € 799,67 € / l
Provides intensive moistureReduces wrinkles and smoothesProtects against environmental influences
Sold Out
Bakuchiol Serum hochdosiert
Bakuchiol Serum
23,99 € 799,67 € / l
Reduces the appearance of wrinklesGives a healthy glowHelps with skin blemishes and pimples
Sold Out