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Haarseife Rosmarin und Teebaum
Hair Soap with Tea Tree and Rosemary
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Effectively helps against dandruffRemoves excess oilGives shine and suppleness
Bio Haarseife mit Zitronengras und Ringelblume
Hair Soap with Lemongrass and Calendula
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Strengthens and revitalizes hairAdds shine and vitalityRepairs hair damage
Meina Bio Haarseife mit Aktivkohle gegen Schuppen und fettiges Haar
Black Hair Soap with Activated Charcoal
8,99 € 9,99 €11,24 € / 100g
Removes excess oil and sebumEffectively eliminates dandruffStrengthens the hair roots
Bio Meina Haarseife mit Pfefferminze, Brennnessel und Rosmarin
Hair Soap with Peppermint and Rosemary
7,99 € 9,99 €9,99 € / 100g
Prevents hair lossStimulates hair growthStrengthens the scalp
Sold Out -20%
Bio Haarseife Aloe Vera und Bergamotte
Hair Soap with Aloe Vera and Bergamot
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Provides plenty of moistureGives suppleness and vitalityPrevents hair breakage
Bio Haarseife Ayurveda
Hair Soap with Ayurvedic Herbs
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Adds shine, vitality and volumeStimulates hair growthSoothes and protects the scalp
Sold Out
Bio Haarseife mit Teebaum und Lavendel
Hair Soap with Sage and Tea Tree
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Prevents rapid regreasingEffectively helps against dandruffStrengthens the hair roots
Sold Out
Bio Haarseife mit Lavendel und Ylang Ylang
Hair Soap with Lavender and Ylang Ylang
9,99 € 12,49 € / 100g
Provides intensive moistureSoothes the scalpPromotes hair growth

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Natural hair soaps: The perfect choice for healthy and shiny hair

Organic hair soaps are very popular in natural cosmetics and are very trendy for a reason. This is due to the variety of benefits they can offer. Solid hair soaps impress with their long-term beneficial effects and do not contain unnecessary plastic packaging. The Meina hair soaps are 100% natural and Vegan. They contain valuable, rich plant oils that provide gentle care and a beautiful shine.

These hair soap bars are ideal for daily hair washing and are very long-lasting compared to conventional shampoo bars. All organic hair soaps in our range are free from palm oil, microplastics, mineral oil, sulfates and silicones, such as SCS (sodium coco sulfate) or SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), as sulfates can dry out the scalp and make the hair appear dull.

Likewise, our vegan hair soaps do not contain any preservatives, petroleum derivatives or artificial colors. All of our organic soaps get their color from natural ingredients.

And if you want to use our hair soaps properly, you can try the natural rinsing with acid rinse. More on this topic in our blog post ( Link )

Whether you need a hair soap for oily hair, dry hair or fine hair, we have the right handmade soap for your hair. We also have hair soaps that help against dandruff and hair loss.