Meina Naturkosmetik Saure Rinse

Acid Rinse - the only natural hair conditioner you need

Hair soaps are currently very popular and are probably one of the most sustainable trends in the beauty sector. Here's why you should use an acidic rinse after using hair soap.

We all know the benefits of a natural hair soap: it contains no synthetic additives, is made with high-quality natural ingredients, comes in environmentally friendly packaging and usually lasts longer. In summary: it is good for you and good for the environment.

Organic hair soap Meina

Unfortunately, there is also a disadvantage - especially when washing with hard water. The more calcium and magnesium compounds there are in tap water, the harder it is. If the water contains a lot of lime, the hair soap will not work properly and so-called lime soaps may even form. Lime soaps are poorly soluble calcium and magnesium salts that are contained in the vegetable oils used in hair soaps.

The formation of lime soap reduces the washing effect as the active amount of soap is reduced. By frequently washing your hair with warm, lime-containing water in combination with the pH value of the hair soap or shampoo, the outer cuticle layer of the hair opens. If this protective layer is damaged, the hair becomes brittle and dull.

However, there is a recognized solution that is convincing more and more women - the acid rinse.

The acid rinse closes the natural cuticle layer of the hair and removes residues caused by the lime soap. This gives your hair more stability, suppleness and shine.

The acid rinse is a natural hair conditioner made from water and lemon juice or vinegar that makes your hair shiny, supple, easy to comb and, above all, healthy without any synthetic additives.

This natural conditioner works like a natural descaler for the hair. This is suitable for all hair types, but especially for dry hair.

And as always, the best comes last. You can easily make the sour rinse yourself right away! Everyone has the ingredients they need at home.

Meina sour rinse with lemon juice

Sour rinse recipe - make it yourself quickly

It works that simply:

In an empty bottle, add 1 liter of cold water (preferably distilled water) and 1-2 tablespoons (depending on how hard the water is) lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, light balsamic vinegar or herbal vinegar. We recommend lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as they contain a lot of natural antioxidants and minerals that are good for your hair.

It is important that the liquid is cold. The warmer the mixture, the less effect it has. We also recommend that you always prepare the acidic rinse fresh before washing your hair.

After you have washed your hair with hair soap or shampoo and rinsed well, slowly apply the acidic rinse over your head. Massage it lightly into your hair and scalp - but not for too long, otherwise sebum production will be stimulated.

The acidic rinse does not need to be rinsed out. Don't be afraid - once your hair dries, the smell of vinegar will disappear. But if you really want to, you can rinse with clear water.

Acid rinse does not necessarily have to be used after every wash. Use them according to your personal needs.

However, if you want to maintain the suppleness and shine of your hair in the long term, we recommend that you use the natural hair conditioner at least once a week.

Hair soap with creamy foam

Be careful with colored hair!

If you have colored your hair with conventional hair dyes with high ammonia and silicone content, you need to be careful. The color can be removed by the acidic rinse, resulting in unwanted stains.

With natural, silicone-free dyes you don't have to worry. You can use the acidic rinse without any problems.

Hair soap for blonde hair

Be careful on sunny days!

The acidic rinse has a bleaching effect in sunlight. It is recommended that you do not stay under the sun for long immediately after using a rinse.

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